Roll Off Container Locks

Box Lox Roll Off Container Locks are the Simple Answer to Stolen Dumpsters

My name is Nathan Miller, inventor of Box Lox, the original and best roll off container locks available. I have been in the roll off business since 1988. Over the years, local companies had an average of 5 roll off containers stolen per year. Sometimes boxes were even miss-placed, miss-used, or other haulers would accidentally pull our loads. With the fall in the economy, and theft on the rise, an average of 50,000 containers a year are unaccounted for nation-wide! Box Lox will protect a company’s investment by covering and locking the box’s hitch. Since its inception in 2009, Box Lox has lowered our insurance premiums and eliminated the other mentioned problems. After experiencing the benefits of Box Lox, I have decided to patent Box Lox, and make it available to other businesses. I am confident you will find it helpful as well.

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